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Blog Allay LLP's new look

We have a new look!

Over the past few months, we have been working very hard to bring a new and refreshing look to our accounting firm. The team is super excited to announce that our firm has rebranded to Allay LLP. Moving forward, you will start to see communications coming from the same team you know and love, just with a different look. Will […]

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Blog How to navigate the tax code if you're a gig economy worker

How to navigate the tax code if you’re a gig economy worker

Whether to supplement income or turn a passion project into a business, an increasing number of young Canadians are turning to the gig economy to make some extra cash. That’s prompting the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to pay closer attention to potentially under-reported tax returns of Etsy merchants, Uber drivers, social media influencers and beyond. According to an Abacus poll […]

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