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Exciting News: Welcoming Jessica Sin as Partner at Allay LLP!

Jessica Sin, CPA, CA, Manager at Allay LLP

Allay LLP is thrilled to announce a significant addition to our leadership team—Jessica Sin has joined us as the newest partner.

With over a decade of experience in accounting and auditing, Jessica brings a wealth of expertise and an unwavering passion for assisting small startups, as well as servicing medium and large entities in reaching their next level of success. Her extensive knowledge spans various industries, including professionals, retailers, distributors, and the nonprofit sector.

Jessica is more than a numbers person; she’s dedicated to establishing personal connections with her clients and values the exchange of knowledge and experience. Her commitment aligns seamlessly with Allay LLP’s mission to provide exceptional service and tailored solutions to our clients.

“With a passion for empowering small startups and driving success for medium to large entities, I’m excited to bring my expertise to Allay LLP. Let’s embark on this exceptional financial journey together!” – Jessica Sin

We’re excited to have Jessica on board, and we look forward to achieving new milestones together!